Our team is dedicated to examining the environmental and biological forces governing the recovery and resilience of the ocean using a suite of methods including field experiments, mathematical modeling, and synthesis.

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Adrian Stier

Principal Investigator
Food Webs
Disturabance & Community Assembly
Sustainability & Conservation

The unifying thread linking my work is the recovery and resilience of ocean ecosystems. I am motivated by a desire to deepen our basic understanding of how ecosystems are assembled and an urgent need to develop sustainable management strategies for coastal marine ecosystems.

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Kurt Ingeman

Predator-prey interactions
Coral Reefs
Conservation Biology

I am a marine ecologist applying quantitative tools to understand ecological processes and to address pressing marine conservation issues. I employ empirical techniques and modeling to elucidate the role of trophic interactions in structuring communities at a variety of scales, and to refine predictions about the response of marine communities to human actions such as harvest, spatial protection, exotic species introductions, and climate change.

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Sam Csik

MS Student
Multiple Stressors
Field Ecology

I am an ecologist examining the role of environmental stress in driving the structure, function, and physiology of ocean organisms. I combine synthesis with field and lab experiments to examine how the sequence and timing of environmental stress alters the role that multiple stressors play in affecting ecosystems.  


Bart DiFiore

PhD Student
Spatial ecology

As a first year PhD student in the Stier lab, I hope to use empirical and quantitative approaches to explore predator-prey interactions in coral and/or kelp ecosystems. I grew up working on commercial and charter fishing boats out of the coastal town of Gloucester, Massachusetts and hope to ground my research at the intersection of basic ecological theory and applied fisheries ecology.


Joseph Curtis

Stable Isotope Ecology
Research Diving
Lionfish Invasion 

Through both my Bachelor's and Master's degree, I have spent my career exploring the ecology of coastal ecosystems. As a technician, I am able to apply my skills in the lab and the field to facilitate research in the Stier Lab, investigating patterns of resilience and recovery in threatened marine environments.